International Save Pluto Day!

Pluto & Charon -- click for higher res photo

Welcome to the official home for International Save Pluto Day! On these pages, you'll find the official declaration of the day, February 4, 2007. You'll also find our "Party Kit," with information on how to hold your own Pluto Party, and a page of Pluto events in honor of the day.

If you plan to hold some sort of event, let us know at and we'll add it to the page.

Official Declaration of the International Save Pluto Day
The Society for the Preservation of Pluto as a Planet hereby declares that Sunday, February 4, 2007, the 101st birthday of Pluto discoverer Clyde Tombaugh, will be International Save Pluto Day!

Party Kit
Coming Soon.


Pluto Debate, Clay Center pdf poster to download